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Chateau de laSalle team

Run by Jessica de la Chesnais, A Social and Cultural Psychology major. Who worked as a fashion stylist in London. Her reason for studying psychology in the first place was to help people's well-being, City life was not where she saw herself getting to a place of deep well-being.

She is now based at Chateau de LaSalle, the family property that was left abandoned. Creating a space for people to gather and connect, practicing yoga and meditation.


Mariette Ham

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Panda Chi

Panda, from Chinese descent, was born in 1958, Vancouver Canada. Practicing Tai Chi from the age of 12. He incorporated Tai Chi’s main principle of non-resistance and his learnings from spiritual teachers who gave him an experience of innermost being…Soul-Realization. 

With a background of more than 40 years in the fields of Eastern Therapeutic Therapies and Self-Realization arts he has combined his personal awakenings and trainings to create a unique work that leads to transformation and Soul-Realization. He has taught for more than 26 years


Mai Harper

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Vivia de la Chesnais

Vivia Founded Feedback For Life in 2015. She was brought up in the life of bio dynamic psychotherapy with an entire family in the field. She renounced it at first to be a photographer. Life took it’s turns and after her daughter became ill, combined with her own struggle with stress related health issues. Interests in alternative healing grew. Now a nutritional coach as well as a bio release practitioner and a PSYCH-K® facilitator. She believes in healing from the inside out, starting with the bad emotions we seem to hold on to and aiding our bodies with what we consume.


Ebba Boyesen