My Story

I became interested in Nutrition after someone extremely close to me was cured of their cancer, life after that became about preventing the illness from re-occurring by informing myself about the benefits of healthy eating. But it wasn't until I fell ill with myomas, anemia and hypothyroidism that I realised, even with all the information available to use online, I just wasn't doing it right. 

Since then I have studied at the Irish Institution of Nutrition and Health and have become a certified Nutrition & Health Coach.

I have understood the impact of stress on our health, and realise optimal health comes from a combination of eating quality fresh foods, meditating and regular exercise. I am also very passionate about ethical farming and go wwoofing on organic farms around the world as often as I can. As such I practice a very conscious mind set toward our environment and the role agriculture has on our health. My emphasis as a Nutrition & Health Coach is on prevention, I do not claim to cure any present diseases. 

I am currently studying to become a Nutritional Therapist because prevention sometimes isn't enough...