the house


The cottage is situated 10 minutes walk from the Chateau, and was part of the old village of LaSalle back in the 11th century. It has 5 large rooms within the cottage as well as 2 more large rooms in the surrounding buildings, a communal kitchen and living area with fireplace, an outdoor dinning area as well as an indoor one, a yoga room and a pool.


the rooms


There are 5 private double bedrooms within the cottage property, with a shared bathroom and communal space. And two 4 person dorm room with an ensuite bathroom. All have access to the chateau grounds as well as the pool.


the property


The property is spans over 700 Hectares, with the Chateau, the cottage, stables and a golf. There are many lovely woodland walks with ponds and rivers. Perfect for detaching from the stresses of everyday life.


the food


We provide local, vegan nutritious foods. The idea is that we will be producing some of that ourselves down the line. We believe in a community vibe and in bonding over preparing lovely meals together.