Nutritional Coaching with Vivia

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Following the belief of epigenetics, that we are different and there is no one size fits-all diet or lifestyle. 


Hatha Yoga with Mai


Yoga is much more than working out or meditating. It is about developing your personality, as this is the foundation of our perception and our actions.

The eight-limbed path of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition describes our behaviour towards our fellow beings and our environment. The ‘yamas’ (not- steeling) and ‘niyamas’ (truthfulness’) should be followed on this path. Our actions (Karma) form the basis of everything that happens in our lives.

We are all conditioned by past behavioural and thinking patterns and think and act in a certain way. Through yoga we can learn how to control our mind and create space for new thoughts and actions.


Thai Massage with Liana



The traditional Thai massage is one of the oldest, traditional healing arts in the world. Its roots lie in India in Ayurvedic medicine. Elements of Chinese medicine have also been integrated throughout the centuries.

The Thai massage is a combination of dynamic movements, acupressure, stretching, deep tissue massage, energy work and meditation. The deep pressure, conscious breathing and the activation of the energy lines bring back mobility into the joints.


Resource-oriented Coaching with Karolina


A trained psychologist. Offers sessions in German, English and Polish